Tutorials - Clay and miniatures
Tutorials are a crafter's greatest resource! Here's a list of some of the best and most useful clay and miniature tutorials I have found so far.

Online Games
A list of free funny games to play online like dollmakers, kawaii arcade games, etc.

Trivias, fun readings, cute sites and other misc stuff.

Porcelain Paint, the first online guide - My mom site for everything conceiving China Painting.
Decomalia - My beloved mommy's personal blog!
Pc Bello - Site with lots of free goodies for your pc!
Detti & Motti - Italian only: my mom's blog with funny sayings and mottoes.
Papercraft - Find everything you wanted to know about papercraft and scrapbooking!

Web resources
Online Conversion - Extremely useful website for lenght, weight, temperature (and more) online conversion.
DaFonts - Extremly useful site with loads of free fonts for download. All the fonts used in this layout were taken here.
My Fonts - What the Font? - Online utility for font recognition. Useful!
FlashWork - Tips & tricks, tutorials and resources for Flash. Italian only.
FamFamFam - Pretty site with over 1000 free icons for your website. A must see!