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Basic Tecniques

Click to Visit Polymer Clay Basic guide new Recommended for Beginners
An in-depth guide to learn all the basics about polymer clay sculpting: brands, characteristics, tips..

Click to Visit Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks new Recommended for Beginners
A few general tips and ideas about polymer clay sculpting, very useful for beginners!

Click to Visit How to make liquid clay without TLS/Fimo Liquid Recommended for Beginners Tested
Liquid clay adds a special extra touch to clay creations - especially food miniatures. It is mostly used to 'fake' icing on cakes and donuts, but it also makes up for great melted cheese, sauces and much more.
Unfortunately, TLS and Fimo Liquid, the most common liquid clays, arequite expensive! That's why I love this tutorial. It shows how simple it is to create liquid clay using only clay and water - the final effect is great and it's much cheaper than TLS/Fimo Liquid!
I've recently discovered another tutorial about this; the procedure is slightly different - choose the one you're more comfortable with!

Click to Visit Texturing Cakes Recommended for Beginners Tested
This video tutorial shows how to get realistic cake textures. As you can see, it's not difficult..it just gets a tad boring, after a few slices :D

Click to Visit Easy alphabeth's stamping Tested
This tutorial is in italian only, but I can tell you that she's using those little letters from self-inking stamps sets.

Click to Visit How to Scent clay  
Lovely and easy tutorial- the title is pretty self explanatory!

Click to Visit Clay extrusors out of plastic packages Tested
A great and cheap way to cut clay in any shape you want - plus a funny bonus tip!

Click to Visit Piping with microns new  
Piping isn't an easy task to begin with, and mini-piping is no exception! A miniature-sized piping bag can help a lot, and this tutorial shows how to make one out of old micron pens.

Click to Visit Rapid Cooling new  
A tutorial showing a way to rapidly cool your baked clay items. This cooling tecnique is said to make baked clay stronger and more resistant.


Click to Visit Almond slices new Tested Recommended for Beginners
Super easy cane to achieve realistic looking almond slices.

Click to Visit Lemon / Orange Tested
I might not be the best person for caning suggestion - I'm terrible with canes! But this tutorial by Petit Plat is very clear and nicely written. You can use this tutorial to make orange canes as well :)

Click to Visit Kiwi  
This is the best tutorial about Kiwi canes I've found so far. It makes it look so simple!

Click to Visit Strawberry  
Strawberry canes are known to be extremly hard to make - I've never been brave enough to try! This tutorial might be helpful, tho.

Projects - Miniature Props

Click to Visit Plates Recommended for Beginners Tested
I'm in love with this tutorial. God knows how many plates I failed, until I found the 'washers' tip!

Click to Visit Bowls Tested
Another adorable tutorial - this one shows how to make perfect bowls using ..marbles!

Click to Visit Mugs  
Although it only comes in japanese, this tutorial seems so helpful! The idea of using a straw is brilliant.

Click to Visit Cups  
Another couple of tips for mugs and cups making!

Click to Visit Bread Basket  
A lovely way to turn an old paper tube into a pretty straw basket.

Click to Visit Leaves  
What's better than actual leaves to create mini-leaves? All you need is a paper puncher and a trip to the nearest park!

Click to Visit Glasses and cups with plastic tubes  
Easy and quick way to create miniature glasses and glass cups.

Click to Visit Glasses with plastic packaging  
Another lovely way to make miniature glasses.

Click to Visit Weaved Basket new  
Step-by-step tutorial showing how to weave a miniature flower basket.

Projects - Miniature Food

Click to Visit Bread shapes Recommended for Beginners Tested
Written by IGMA artist Betsy Niederer, this tutorial gives a lot of tips to get realistic looking bread - from the texturing (I loved the aluminum foil trick!) to colouring and decorating. A must see!

Click to Visit Ice cream cones Tested
There's plenty of tutorials about ice cream cones, but this one is my favourite. It's complete, clear and full of great step-by-step pictures.

Click to Visit Strawberries Tested
This tutorial comes only in japanese, put the step-by-step pictures are pretty self explanatory :)

Click to Visit Tangerines/Oranges Tested
Another tutorial from the site mentioned above (check it out, there's many more tuts!). I haven't tried this one out yet, but I'm planning to do it as soon as I can! The level of the details is amazing.

Click to Visit Bananas Tested
Last tutorial from Yoyo Studio. As always, this come only in japanese but the photos make everything clear :)

Click to Visit Croissants Tested
This is another japanese tutorial, this time from Donguricake.
Simple and cute!

Click to Visit Turkey
Yet another japanese (I think) probably chinese tutorial :D - I'm starting to consider taking japanese (and chinese) classes! It's amazing how simple this looks.

Click to Visit Pies or Tarts
Deviantart's Kayanah had the lovely idea of using beer caps as a base for miniature pies. Brilliant!

Click to Visit Gingerbread House
Learn to make adorable mini-gingerbread houses with this tutorial.

Click to Visit Cake Slices Recommended for Beginners Tested
A complete guide to miniature cake-making, complete of a lovely downloadable template. A must see for every beginner!

Click to Visit Pizza
Have fun making an extremely low cal, yet yummy-looking, clay pizza with this step-by-step tutorial.

Click to Visit Toadstools
A complete tutorial to learn to create gorgeous mini-toadstools.

Click to Visit Cinnamon Rolls Tested
Make yummy-looking cinnamon rolls with this tutorial. I just fell in love with the idea of using table salt to mimic sugar!

Click to Visit Twisted Donuts  
A creative and less expensive solution to make pretty 'twisted' donuts without a mold. The secret? Just use tweezers!

Click to Visit Watermelon new  
A very interesting tutorial to learn to make watermelon using liquid clay.

Click to Visit Carrots new  
Great tutorial to learn to make realistic miniature carrots.

Click to Visit Rice new Recommended for Beginners
Lovely and simple idea to make a plate of rice - in just one step! This tecnique seems very versatile and could be used to reproduce many other dishes..

Projects - Life-size Food

Click to Visit Big Sugar Cookies Recommended for Beginners
A quick and easy way to make life sized sugar cookies with clay.

Click to Visit Chocolate Chip Cookies Recommended for Beginners Tested
Learn to make realistic looking chocolate chip cookies with this great tutorial. Warning: don't try to make these if you're on a diet!

Click to Visit Gummi Bears  
I love this tutorial because it shows you the way to make lovely Gummi Bears with Liquid Fimo instead of epoxy resin. The trick is to grease the mold with oil!

Projects - Various

Click to Visit Lego Blocks Tested
The always creative Pongojam made a lovely necklace featuring miniature Lego blocks - and shows how to make them in this quick and easy tutorial.

Click to Visit Llamas  

Anyone familiar with DeviantArt knows the legendary llamas. Learn how to make a miniature 3D version with this funny tutorial!

Click to Visit Ribbon (1) Recommended for Beginners Tested

An easy and lovely way to make clay ribbons.

Click to Visit Ribbon (2) Recommended for Beginners Tested

A variant for ribbons. Very easy and very pretty!

My own Tutorials are here:)